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Posted By MTASoweme3years

University : University of Huddersfield
Course title : Music Technology and Audio Systems
Year of graduation : 2010

2 out of 10
Overall opinion

I'm so disillusioned with this place, it's not even true, if you want to come to a uni and basically teach yourself a degree, with no help or support from tutors, who will blatantly ignore you,and watch as the uni wastes £65000 on some seats outside the library that have NEVER been used, then come here,it's "great"

1 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

The course was totally mis-sold, we were told it's heavily music based, creating and editing music, and after three years of non-stop computer programming and web design, most of us have had enough!! to top it off, a brand new music building has just been finnished with state of the art music studios, which we aren't allowed anywhere near!! lecturers are at best, imcompetant, forgettful and totally unwilling to help, especially the course leader who is uunapproachable on a good day

4 out of 10
University facilities

Can't fault the library, even at busy times i can find a computer and the books are well stocked. howver the MTAS facilities are shocking (in some cases literally) there's are only 60-odd computers with the software needed for our course and with well over 200 people using that software, it's often hard to get near a computer, espcially because most of the time, there're labs happening in there too....

4 out of 10
Student union

Allegedly there's a student union at huddersfield.....there's a few posters dotted round the place come election time, but apart from that it's pretty quiet

2 out of 10
University societies and clubs

see last question, the sports and societies are even quieter...

8 out of 10
University life

i've grown up in Huddersfield, and i've always enjoyed the night life, there's plenty of clubs and bars and a pretty decent night out can be had, as long as you don't live in the main student halls, which are about 10 miles out of town

NA not rated

never lived in the accomadation, there's a couple of smaller halls, right next to the uni, but the main one is MILES away and has a 30 min bus ride there and back on the local sweat bus, think twice about that!!

3 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

i know a couple of guys from the year above me and they STILL haven't got a job, honestly DO NOT study MTAS here, it's an absolute joke...

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