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University of Wales, Lampeter

Specialising in the liberal arts, Lampeter has strong academic traditions in teaching and research dating from 1822. Located in rural Wales, the beautiful and enriching environment fosters a supportive and caring community where student satisfaction is a priority. The University aims to produce graduates who both enjoy studying and graduate with skills relevant to today's changing economy: an education for life.

Latest University of Wales, Lampeter Reviews

Needs to be read!
I recommend that you never ever even look at the University when applying through UCAS. It's one of the smallest most remote towns in Wales. If old people and long walks are your thing, go for it. It didn't meet any expectations at all. On the open day they make the place look friendly and lively, but there is nothing happening on or off campus throughout the whole year. - read more...

Fallen from grace
I came to Lampeter 5 years ago to do my BA in Archaeology and Anthropology. At the time the uni was fantastic, there was a vibrant, positive feel to the university, with great course delivery. However, since then, a combination of bad publicity, poor SU appointments and a thoroughly disorganised admin department has left the Uni barely clinging on for survival. Major cut backs in the summer of 2009 have left the uni with a skeleton crew of staff and an air of doom hanging over the place. What used to be great student-staff ratios don't exist any more, and the more than fantastic time and devotion that the lecturers had for students isn't the same. Though, this is not the fault of the lecturers, as they are now bogged down doing admin work and trying to reorganise the chaos that cut backs have caused. The student body lacks any real signs of life, and the SU has fallen from grace. On first arrival in Lampeter all those five years ago, the SU was like any normal union: good societies, events, gigs, guest DJs and outings. Now, same events week in, week out, and all the society money is wasted on loser's that pretend that they're medieval...when frankly I've seen more convincing elephants as ballet dancers. Not sure what else to say, oh how about 1822, that's all Lampeter's Publicity Officer bangs on about!! Who cares?!?! The area is nice, there is lots to do in the surrounding area if you're the outdoor type, but yet again the uni fails to capitalise on this. If you like sports there is a 'hall' and a field, let your imagination go wild with that one. Accommodation, if you like your room small, cold and lacking in hot water then Lampeter is the place for you. It has a quaint prison feel to it, from the mid 19th century that is. Though, living isn't expensive and renting locally is cheap and there's quite a lot of choice... but it's also cheap because there is nowhere to spend your money, apart from the pubs, supermarkets and Dai's Diner (the local greasy spoon). So, what I'm trying to say is that if you have a choice, don't come to Lampeter, yes it may seem friendly and lovely on an open day, but once you're here all that attention and optimism doesn't exist. I hope this helps with your decision! - read more...

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