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Heriot-Watt University

The origins of Heriot-Watt University date back to the Edinburgh School of Arts, founded in 1821 and renamed the Watt Institution and School of Arts in 1852 as a tribute to the pioneer of steam power James Watt. In 1855 the Institution was amalgamated with the educational trust bequeathed to the City of Edinburgh by George Heriot (1563-1623), jeweller and financier to King James VI of Scotland and I of England. The newly formed Heriot-Watt College continued to offer practical vocational education and training, coupling science and technology with the complementary commercial and communication skills. Heriot-Watt University was established by Royal Charter in 1966. In 1998 the University merged with the Scottish College of Textiles to form the Scottish Borders Campus at Galashiels.

Heriot-Watt University has ~17,000 students of whom ~9,500 are registered on external programmes. Amongst the most internationally diversified of all UK universities, Heriot-Watt University students are from 140 countries world-wide.

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