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High quality teaching, great atmosphere

Posted By Joanne

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology
Year of graduation : 2012

8 out of 10
Overall opinion

I really like the course, I feel it is challenging enough to keep me interested and if you find the above appealing this is the place for you. I'm surprised by so many negative opinions about the uni(particularly of business, management or primary course students) but I guess there may be massive differences between courses. This one is highly recommended :)

9 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

Perfect course for those who prefer cozy atmosphere than busy campus. It is a really pleasant place to stay and to learn (everything but the weather that tend to be warm but cloudy most of the time :O). Number of people on the course is not big plus small number of tutors make it very intimate and supportive environment. For advantages I'd count the course program and the quality of teaching. Some of the lecturers are beyond wonderful, some quite average (personal taste in teaching styles) but all seem to care about your performance and are very helpful. I was actually surprised that such a small uni can have such engaging lecturers ;> I really like the course, it is well balanced yet demanding (plenty of reading and writing so if you don't like it better give up the idea of studying here... Amount of writing assignments, particularly experimental reports, is actually quite special about this course, the second thing is a lot of qualitative research). For disadvantages facilities, mostly computers that are totally ancient...

5 out of 10
University facilities

Library is ok, bit struggling with most recent publications on site but since we're encouraged to use professional journals no hard feelings about it. The electronic database is great and you can access it from home so that works fine. If you're desperate for books, they can deliver them to your home and you don't pay for books from different campuses. Computers on the other side are appalling, slow slow and one more time slow, so save yourself time and bring your own little notebook. The bar and canteen are fine but fusehil street where I spend most of the time is a bit pricey... I don't use uni facilities. Instead I'm heading to yoga classes in the city center :)

5 out of 10
Student union

No opinion since I never bothered to join. I guess it can be worth for different discounts. We had a meeting right at the beginning of the course. I give 5 just for that :)

7 out of 10
University societies and clubs

I'm rather active outdoor (and the place is great for that, see Lake District) than clubbing kind of person so no opinion about it. We do have a Psychology Society that is very active, attends various conferences, organizes different actions etc

4 out of 10
University life

Again difficult to say since on my year a lot of people are traveling so we don't meet on daily basis. City is ok but I really miss some more alternative entertainment which for me is really surprising considering high number of students (proportionally to small overall population of Carlisle). There are clubs, pubs etc so you'll always find some space...

NA not rated

I live here, so no comment on that :)

5 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

I'm still studying so difficult to say how's it after graduation but all the time our course leaders organize volunteering and career sessions, some people get straight away on phD clinical psychology courses so I guess that this lies in your hands. If you want to work as psychologist having undergraduate diploma that can be difficult (usually advised further education) if you don't bother and just want a job that's more like it. Anyway, probably Cumbria is not a perfect place for employment (it's a rural area)

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