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This is the most let down uni I have ever been to

Posted By Lil Elli

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : Religious Studies
Year of graduation : 2012

1 out of 10
Overall opinion

No, everytime I ask for help they never give me help, they cancel my appointments and expect me to come in the next day like I don't have anything else important to do. Or they just ask for money just to help me on an assignment because they're not being paid enough.

1 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

( lancaster campus )I had a problem with writing essays, so I went to ask for help. They wouldn't help me unless I applied for more money from the government to pay them to help me ! What are they been paid to do now ? ask for more money ? Then they complained when I lost all my work due to a virus that my time management skills were rubbish and needed improving , How is that anything to do with losing all my work due to a virus on the computer ! The uni website is always in maintaince and always has an error. All my course friends have left the course only me and a few others left. My friends on other courses are going to other universities now. I am so ashamed to be attending this university, it was also on the news because the government had to bail them out debt. Seriously should have read the reviews for this uni before accepting. It used to be an execellent teaching college thats why I wanted to go to this uni. Waste of time and money, the degree isn't even worth anything. I am now skiving uni to work to pay off my student loans for this course I wish I never chose.

1 out of 10
University facilities

Rubbish, although it is always opened. They don't help you unless you ask. Even if you look lost or if you look confused they ignore you until you go up to them wait in an invisable line and then ask them when they decide they want to help you.

1 out of 10
Student union

Yea it's meant to be helping students but all they do is organise nights out which no one goes to much

1 out of 10
University societies and clubs

Yea but I was never encouraged to join.

2 out of 10
University life

It's alright, sometimes it's just dead but most of the time its ok when your drunk

1 out of 10

Yes, was a waste of money , was forced to pay for catering and got food poisoning from the canteen, we complained and they ignored us , we went to student union and they just sent an email

1 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

I don't want to do anything as, I went to them to ask what can I do after uni , they told me to go back into uni and spend more money on courses that won't help my future career, so I went out and found a better job that I enjoy and will be putting me on a all paid course so that I can become better at my job and earn more money then going to the university of cumbria can give me

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