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Posted By BookWorm

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : English BA
Year of graduation : 2011

10 out of 10
Overall opinion

University, especially in these difficult economic times, is huge commitment for anyone. Make sure you know what you’re looking for from your university experience. For myself personally I found that if you want to socialise and study, or have some peace and quite, the university can offer this. The course more specifically allows you to take what you need from it, many other students on my course have different career prospects to mine, and the course has allowed them to develop this. I would personally highly recommend the course, as university has been a fantastic experience. I have gained confidence, developed my academic writing and my critical thinking, and made new friends. I’ve had to problem solve, communicate, work in teams, have some self discipline and be organised in getting work done. I would also suggest be proactive, as the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Clique, I know but the course does teach you to stand on your own two feet, you need to think for yourself as it is your degree. I found that if I work, the tutors and university staff will work along side you.

10 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

This passion for my subject continued with my academic tutors. They teach a wide range of genres, literary movements, contexts, theories, key figures and authors. I was given a PAT (personal academic tutor) who would work with me in my struggles. The tutors can be easily contacted through your own personal university email. All course information is available online, both on and off campus on Blackboard, which is an interactive space where also there is an English notice board where news about local events and projects are kept up to date. These include poetry and prose competitions, theatre productions, TV and radio programs, internet sites and the University’s creative writing magazine Pinhole Camera. What I liked about the course was that I wasn’t lost in a crowd, I was able to get to know other students really well, and also have a life beyond university. We receive detailed feedback on assignments, and they are marked promptly. I enjoyed the modules on offer; there was a variety and depth as I studied Victorian Literature, Popular Fiction, British Children’s Literature, Shakespeare in Performance to name a few. Deadlines are carefully considered so you are inundated, but rather they have structure. I was also student reprehensive for 2 years, and I worked alongside students and staff. In this I saw that student feedback was viewed as very important and considered as it formed a component of the course leader’s evaluation.

9 out of 10
University facilities

The careers service is amazing! They have given me so much support over my time here. They treat you as a person not just another student. They were able to aid me in my queries regarding teacher training. The library had all the texts I needed and were only too happy to help if I needed assistance. I found it easy to search, request and reserve books. We were also given 2 sessions with our library representative to help make sure we were on the right track. In the library there are these really useful self service desks where it is quick and easy to check books and see your account. I also like being able to use the various WiFi spots around campus with one of the laptops you can loan. The library caters for everyone as there are areas solely for silent study, while others are computer based and a seating area for discussions.

NA not rated
Student union

The SU has been rated the third best in the country! Student Union and Societies- the University’s student body have a voice which is heard on the highest of levels. As a student you are part of the National Union of Students which fights for the rights and experience of students nationwide. This is continued within the University Of Cumbria as ever year elections are held which nominate student representatives to represent certain aspects of student life here at the University. Everything from University spending, volunteering, discounts, entertainment, activities, and complaints are dealt with here.

9 out of 10
University societies and clubs

I found it really enjoyable, I made lots of new friends and was able to experience and work with all kinds of people

10 out of 10
University life

Lancaster has strong cultural links: the Litfest, a literary festival with events such as readings, Spot light club, open to all writers, singers or poets. The Storey, A creative industries centre with a gallery, meeting rooms, lecture theatre and auditorium. Grand theatre The Dukes Theatre features contemporary music, cinema, and plays. Diversity FM is a community based radio station. As a vibrant city Lancaster has plenty to offer in terms of socialising and entertainment: Clubs: Hustle, Sugarhouse, The lounge, Liquid, Varsity, Elements, and Toast all have student nights with discounts. Lancaster has excellent transport links: M6 motorway junction Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool airports Lancaster bus station offers a number of wide ranging and affordable bus services. Heysham, which is 20 minutes away from Lancaster, offers ferries. Lancaster train station is 20 minutes away from campus, and the train station itself is on the west coast main line. The city of Lancaster is near to Morecambe bay, and is easily accessible to the Yorkshire Dale. The Lake District has inspired many artists both literarily and artistically, and as it’s in the heart of Cumbria, it holds unparalleled potential both as a place of relaxation, but also inspiration.

NA not rated

Didn't live on campus as I live locally.

10 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

I’ve had the opportunity through various modules and assignments to develop my interests in child pedagogy this is useful as I wish to do a PGCE in Primary teaching. English in the World module allowed me to see the many opportunities that my degree has opened up for me, I can travel and go abroad and teach in poorer countries, hopefully one day setting up a school in a third world country and enable children to have an education that will allow them to broaden their horizons.

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