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Never again: not worth the time or the money

Posted By kieran2009

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : Business Management
Year of graduation : 2009

1 out of 10
Overall opinion

Summing up I had a pretty depressing three years. The guys on our course were great, and the fact that we only spent two days a week at Uni softened the misery slightly. But actually getting what I wanted from this whole experience was pretty much impossible. I got my Degree, but the Uni has been less than supportive (they actually deleted my email account without warning as soon as I left), and any employment/career advice has been abysmal (I've actually told them that). Even the so called "Opportunity Knocks" email leaflet, which is sent to graduates, is rarely sent out, and when it does get sent it is full of pointless three-four week placements from stingy employers who want to grab some cheap labour/teamaking lackey. Do not, whatever you do, make the mistake of coming to this University. Uclan tried to make it work, but failed. So did Northumbria (and they failed). It isn't going to get any better. Value your career, and your job prospects, and aim for somewhere better. Maybe the University of Central Baghdad...

2 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

* Lecturers- possibly two or three good ones. Most average or mediocre. Some lecturers did stand out and put themselves out to help and explain things. I believe most of the good lecturers have been "removed" since I graduated, so things have probably changed for the worst! * Course-Highly stressful. The chaps I was with were a good bunch, and I think that if it weren't for them I would have quit in the first year. Many lectures were cancelled without notice in the first two years, although things improved over the third year. Academic advice- Save your money. Seriously.

1 out of 10
University facilities

Library- Ancient computers that wouldn't look out of place in the local museum. I could ask for a webpage and jog around the block and the page still wouldn't have loaded. The library itself consists of a chap (and woman) who grunt at customers, and seems to be based on a POW camp canteen. Books that are necessary for your course tend to be in short supply, or over-subscribed, whilst the actual layout of the library (regarding quiet workspace) is pretty dire. Also getting a computer can be problematic. The bar is okay. Friendly staff, and standard booze on tap, although strangely based in a public toilet. Sports facillities aren't too bad. Best time to use them (if you want parking) seems to be evening time.

1 out of 10
Student union

I think you would see more movement out of the Elgin Marbles than the UCSU. Usually Student Unions tend to be very vocal Communist outfits, that want revolution and all that jazz. This SU seems to be located in the Bermuda Triangle. I think they were last seen in Paternoster Row circa 2006...

1 out of 10
University societies and clubs

Nowhere to be seen. The bonus of this is that you don't have smarmy ConservativeLabourDemocrat idiots swanning about on campus, however the lack of ANYTHING is a bit sad. I did once ask a secret Gaelic Football team member about joining the elite society, however once I blew his cover he seemed reluctant to discuss details. Maybe I would have a better chance joining an MI5 sleeper cell than any actual clubs at Uni Cum.

4 out of 10
University life

Carlisle is a lousy town for clubs, but has plentiful pubs. I have pretty much visited them all, although a word of advice: don't advertise the fact that you are a student. For one the locals will think you're a mug for studying at UniCum, and secondly Carlisle isn't a Uni town and probably never will be.Carlisle is a wee bit rough around the edges, and your employment prospects are limited here!

NA not rated

I didn't stay in Uni accommodation. I did get to live on two of Carlisle's finest council estates though....

1 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

You will receive virtually NO help from the invisible Careers Service, who are as visible as Lord Lucan in lycra. Additionally, jobs in Carlisle are few and far between, and any reference to the Uni of Cum will be the equivalent of a slap in the face with a wet kipper to any prospective employer. There are opportunities to compound your misery by studying for an MA, although the benefits of this are probably non-existant. Most of the Grads that I graduated with have been landed with c**p non-grad jobs. As I have children, I will ensure that I save up for their future and not waste any time or money through sending them to the UoC. They would be better off emigrating to be honest.

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