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an oasis in a sea of mediocrity

Posted By riffraff

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : MA CFA
Year of graduation : 2008

4 out of 10
Overall opinion

Any experience of life is tempered with good bits and bad bits, the UOC if it survives the new education reforms will be a stronger place. IS it an art college? in a word no, its a Uni and a pretty anodyne one at that.

10 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

a challenging and inclusive course that follows the BA(Hons) course to expand personal practice. you are treated as an equal and the tutorial access is second to none. tutors and technical staff are accessible always and give way and above. As for the facilities, the campus is small and dedicated, yes its populated by a bunch of undergrads who don't know they are born and complain about lifes luxuries, but hey this is contemporary art at what until recently was a cutting edge arts institute. if they got out of bed before two pm they might be a bit more involved...use it or lose it. Carlisle is an 'interesting' place no more violent student unfriendly than any other place in this tawdry little country but hey there are good student pubs so make it your own, its what arts students from time immemorial have done, and its only the latest crop of milk fed whingers who expect to be handed everything on a plate. Do pay too much notice to the other reviews, it really is a superb experience and the staff are dedicated, resources are focused and its a lovely building in which to study.

NA not rated
University facilities

never used it, I bought/lent my own, but it is being reinstated apparently

NA not rated
Student union

The SU are conspicuous by their absence, 'a bunch of freeloaders with a company car' was how one person described them...

2 out of 10
University societies and clubs

It may have at other sites but then I wasn't here to join clubs and get hammered every night. Now if your a fresher, well thats a different story...apparently they are rather good at this sort of thing!

7 out of 10
University life

It has a decent nightlife and is growing as a result of student activity, its early days yet, if I were starting all over again, id see a golden opportunity to make it my own

5 out of 10

other students are appalled by the halls, some love em what do you say?

6 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

the MA course is, or rather was as teh UOC are withdrawing all MA courses when the current ones run out, superb. A really really bad move on the part of the 'management'.

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