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The REAL truth about our uni

Posted By The truth

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : English and creative writing
Year of graduation : 2012

8 out of 10
Overall opinion

At a time the government are stupidly reducing university places and spending money, anyone would be lucky to get a place here. Even though i myself put down lancaster university as my first choice, if given a choice i would not mmove from the university of cumbria. I felt instantly at home here, the people are friendly, the atmosphere is brilliant. I would like to kindly ask the people who put my university down to stop it as they dont know what they are talking about. Also to the stupid big wigs who closed down other campuses such as ambleside, back off and leave our university well alone and pick on someone else. To close us down at such an early stage in our development would be madness. We have the potential so give us a change to grow.

8 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

I stick two fingers up to anybody who has done a review on here and put down our lectures. As many people are already aware, the university is going through some finacial difficulties at present, which they are doing their best to fix, and these 'unhelpful' in it for the money lectures have even gone without pay, which in my eyes shows much dedication. Personally i have had no problems with my own lecturers they are always helpful, and always there for help when anybody has asked them.

6 out of 10
University facilities

Admittedly, this area of the university could be improved. However it must be remembered that the university is relatively new, and therefore it is still being built upon. We have the things that are needed, numerous cafes and canteen, a gym, a social bar and an SU bar. This is a small campus, its not blackpool pleasure beach, if you want to go to a huge university where you dont know one face from another that has bigger or better facilities go ahead, its your loss.

7 out of 10
Student union

I have to commend the student union for an excellent freshers week, (that was in actual fact two weeks) even though i cant remember half of it! we have course representatives for each course available at the uni, who feedback on what fellow peers think of the teaching and course content. Currently a new election is taking place. The unions present is felt, although it could be improved however steps for improvement is already in full swing.

7 out of 10
University societies and clubs

For a university of this size, we do have enough clubs and societies. If you thi9nk otherwise when you get here, feel free to start your own club or society and invite people to join! Some of our sports teams have been successful, the rugby union lads won the league this season, as did the hockey team. Theres also drama, dance, netball, tampolining, badminton, rockclimbing, yoga, etc.

10 out of 10
University life

University, no matter where you go is what you make of it, so to the people who didnt even rate university life, your the problem not the uni, relax, have fun, work hard play hard. The atmosphere at a smaller campus is brilliant. Ona night out you are guaranteed to bump into loads of people you know, if you have made an actual effort to get to know people instead of complaining all the time. There is a vast range of pubs and clubs, but its lancaster, not manchester or london, obviously bigger cities will have more clubs. Ive never had a bad night out in Lancaster.

9 out of 10

Ok, so i live in the newer accomodation, Waddell. I love it here, the halls are picturesque, the roomn you get is a decent size and good condition as is the kitchen/communal area. Domestic staff come once a week which is helpful as we students can be messy, but again its all part of student life. Living in Waddel, or indeed any of the other hall on campus gives you easy access to the uni itself and the centre of lancaster.

NA not rated
Job prospects and careers service

As a frist year i dont feel i can yet comment on this as i have not reached the relevant stages. But the university is very helpful so i imagine these areas will be of a decent standing.

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