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A New Univeristy that IS getting there

Posted By Rbigs

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : Business and Management studies
Year of graduation : 2011

9 out of 10
Overall opinion

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the University of Cumbria to other students. It is a new University but everyone is friendly and helpful and the course is well organised.

9 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

My course is BRILLIANT. The lectures are interesting and engaging with guest lecturers and interactive activities. The lecturers are supportive and knowledgeable about their subject. It's a new University that is obviously ironing our a few wrinkles but on the whole my experience has been very positive and I feel that I have learnt so much that will aid and support me in the world of work. I'd advise anyone thinking about coming here to actually come and talk to the tutors - they really are great!

8 out of 10
University facilities

The IT resources in the library are brilliant - I have access to countless (well nearly) journal/newspaper and other articles that have really helped me with my study. The campus is small and friendly so you can always get served at the bar and people get to know you. Sports facilities are OK could be better.

9 out of 10
Student union

SU is brilliant - they are all really friendly and do organise lots of events throughout the year - not just during freshers week.

5 out of 10
University societies and clubs

I'm not actually a member of a club but there is lots of information around campus about various clubs to join.

9 out of 10
University life

The campus has two bars where there is always something going on! The town has two Universities so they are really geared to us students. The pubs have discounts and the night clubs have special student nights.

5 out of 10

Hall are adequate and on campus - so it's roll out of bed and straight into a lecture.

6 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

Staff have already highlighte potention further study options that are available and the university seems to have a good record for graduate employment. The course I'm doing had definately helped me to think about my future career.

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