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A joke to even call this a University

Posted By princekey

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : BA Business Management
Year of graduation : 2009

1 out of 10
Overall opinion

This "University" is a complete shambles and a disgrace to even call itself a University. It truly is atrocious, with the emphasis on making money from students. Examples can be seen from the cost of a cup of coffee (£1) to the unbelievable library fines (approx £2 a week per book). Have been lied to continuosly through this course, as I signed up for a course which they decided to pull the plug on at the end of my second year (great, thanks a lot).Lecturers give little or no feedback, feedback is usually unhelpful and even asking for advice on a Dissertation title will result in no help whatsoever.Everything is done on the cheap at UniCum, and this is clear from the first day you step on campus (if you're daft enough to even progress that far).The place is situated in Carlisle in an abandoned hospital, with little or no wheelchair access.There is no car parking whatsoever, unless you get a space at 6am in the morning as the pay-and-display car park is used by people who work in town and people who live at Uni, so it is permanently full. The whole place could be improved by being closed down, the staff are unhelpful and lousy, the campus is atrocious, and my experience over the last three years has gone from bad to worse...DON'T GO TO UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA, IT IS A DISGRACE AND A WASTE OF YOUR TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT.Even an Open Uni course in Prison would be better than this!

1 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

The course is pretty much up and down like a whores knickers, to be frank. The first year involved 5 hours a week of lectures (when lecturers turn up, as they frequently don't turn up without notice..great if you're travelling 50 miles to get there).Now in my third year, this has changed very little, in fact I had more hours of lectures at technical college!The course is pretty vague, uninteresting and lacklustre, with appaling standards of lecturing being a constant theme. Some examples: 1) Last year had an Assignment to complete for January, emailed two lecturers for help and recieved..NO REPLY whatsoever. If you need help from lecturing staff, it is non-existant here. 2) Lecturers frequently don't bother to turn up. 3) Lecturers give vague and unhelpful feedback...and that is if they even bother to give feedback, which is rare. 4) Feedback from my Dissertation has been non-existant...I might as well cut and paste it off google...thanks to UniCum for screwing up my final year. There has been two good lecturers on this course, who have been absolutely great, and you can't tar everyone with the same brush, but I will NOT recommend this cesspool of a college to anyone, it is a shambles and not worth £3 a year tuition, let alone £3145.

1 out of 10
University facilities

The library at Carlisle is atrocious, and more suitable for Welding students, not academic studies.The library is dingy, small and lacking in choice of books and computers.If I could grade it -10 I would, it is truly abysmal.The one at Lancaster is ok, although finding a computer to work from at Christmas time can be impossible unless you get there at 8am. The bar is ok, but situated in a tiny shed on campus. Good points are friendly staff and cheap pints, which is a great stress relief when coping with non-existant lectures and stress of last-minute assignments, usually given at silly times. Gym facilities are ok, and cheap enough.

1 out of 10
Student union

Not even seen them, do they exist at Carlisle???

1 out of 10
University societies and clubs

Briefly seen at freshers week...but again non-existant and not seen since.

1 out of 10
University life

Carlisle...unfortunatly Carlisle is a town that has been hit hard by unemployment, chavs and closures, so social life is non-existant. You have to take a train ride to Newcastle, approx 100 miles away.There is virtually nothing to do in Carlisle, and the people are a mixed bunch who either welcome you or hate you at first sight!it has really been a waste of time and money being up here to be honest.

NA not rated

No comment

NA not rated
Job prospects and careers service

Most graduates appear to go straight onto the dole queue after leaving here due to lack of opportunities and a non-existant careers service at the Uni.I know this as I've met last years Business Management graduates. Most left here with mediocre degrees (hmmm possibly due to lousy lecturing and non-existant feedback?).I think the only opportunity will be to emigrate away from the UK, or move down London.That is if I actually leave here with a degree!

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