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Completely Wasted Three Years

Posted By jaydaw89fish

University : University of Cumbria
Course title : Business Management
Year of graduation : 2009

1 out of 10
Overall opinion

Abysmal and dire doesn't quite cover it. I wouldn't recommend this uni to my worst enemy, but what I would say is that the best option for you would be to choose a REAL University (not unicum, not York St Johns etc) but a REAL Uni. One which will look after you and help you with your career. After all the reason that most people go to uni is to gain skills for their future career. You may come away with a great Degree from here (only if you are actually motivated enough to get it, 'cause you'll get no help from tutors) but you'll get zero help in developing your career and using what you learn. If you value your career, give this one a miss folks.

NA not rated
Quality of course and lecturers

The course was "bitty". Strung together, and probably no more advanced than my A-Level course. Not much support at all from lecturers, possibly due to the fact that many were losing their jobs at the time (and still are apparently). Abysmal structure to the course, with "no-shows" quite a regular occurrence. Not great if you're coming to Carlisle from Maryport!

NA not rated
University facilities

Library was cramped and noisy. Computers were older than the Sphinx. Bar was okay, nice selection of drinks, but not much craic. Sports facilities weren't great, but usable.

NA not rated
Student union

The student uni was only slightly visible back in 2006. From that year it began to disappear. They were completely inactive by 2009, and apparently in 2012 things are just the same.

NA not rated
University societies and clubs

Clubs and societies- non-existent. The Uni of Cum has zilch. Nowt. Nada.

NA not rated
University life

The Uni is pretty dead in Carlisle. Lots of cutbacks, and massive debt hasn't helped things. You'll be smoking a pipe and getting your pj's on after really is that bad.

NA not rated

No comment

NA not rated
Job prospects and careers service

The Careers Service is a complete farce. No help whatsoever if you want a decent job in the UK. And don't waste your time taking one of their "Unite with Business" slave labour temp jobs- you're wasting your time, making brews and sweeping floors for minimum wage. It does not lead to a permanent job, so how anyone could possible give the Unite project a positive rep I don't know! If you're stuck at this crap uni, you won't have many prospects when you leave. Best thing to do is leave the county (or even better the country, try Australia). As for me, well I got a really good Degree from here. So good in fact, that three years later I'm stacking shelves and serving miserable customers in a complete dead end job. Great stuff...

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