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University of Teesside

Built on foundations that stretch back to the 1930s, Teesside gained its University status in 1992. Durham and Teesside College of Health was incorporated within the University in 1995.

The University of Teesside is a dynamic, modern institution with over 21,000 students studying on a range of full-time and part-time courses. In recent years, the University has invested almost £100 million in a redevelopment of its campus to include a state-of-the-art learning resource centre, purpose built facility for those studying on health and related courses and a £6.5 million sports complex incorporating high quality teaching and recreational facilities.

New facilities for art and design students and a centre for digital technology and media will open in 2007.

Latest University of Teesside Reviews

Avoid Like The Plague
This is a University which, in relation to computing, has completely sold out. The MSc contained less work than the average A Level and the staff were ill-informed of current developments. I understand that the average student from the Middle East pays around £14,000 in fees and, seeing as the course was about 90% composed of them, it is clear that the University actively targets Middle Eastern students, and supplies a course which is (below) the bare minimum required. No written exams are taken and everything is done on 'research projects'. Many of the 'projects' I saw passed were nothing but waffle or plagarised projects passed off as the students' own work. It was quite shocking and, I suspect, quite depressing for the one or two tutors that really did want to instil some knowledge in their breed. I should say one more thing too. Post-graduate 'halls' (actually former council terrace houses) are situated slap bang in the middle of Middlesbrough's red light district. Male students walking to and from campus are frequently accosted by prostitutes looking for business. This is not something that happens once per month; it is an almost daily occurrence. You can tell just how bad the University is by realising it actually commissions an American company to design and provide its external and internal web pages. If it had even one half-competent technician, it could provide those itself! You won't find any of this information in the flashy advertisements the University distributes or commissions of course. I'd say avoid this University like the plague... unless the idea of a year learning nothing really appeals. Even then, you're likely to find the frustrations of its communication methods (read lack of) will take their toll. - read more...

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