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The Emperor's New Clothes

Posted By MaryMagsODonnell

University : University of the Arts London
Course title : BA Fashion at Central Saint Martins
Year of graduation : 2011

1 out of 10
Overall opinion

No no no. Dreadful place

NA not rated
Quality of course and lecturers

This is a den of vipers - nothing more. If you are a rich white middle class student, you will do well here. If you have a brain, no trustfund and a penchant for critical analysis, then forget it. The staff, many of whom are unqualified to teach, wander around in a haze, professing their love of fashion by leaving their designer togs where you can see them. Many of them are clearly unsocialised, and know nothing about assessment, or student support. In fact, my course director was a bully of first note, and argued that this is what happens in fashion so we have to suck it up. I stuck it out to get the degree - everyone thinks you are God if you got to CSM. But hear this - they are a bunch of white middle class imposters, and the sad thing is, the rest of the world falls for it. One more thing. Don't be too creative, or the professional jealousy of the tutors will ensure you never get a pass.

NA not rated
University facilities

Shit - books are old and outdated. Noone cares

NA not rated
Student union

No - rubbish

NA not rated
University societies and clubs


NA not rated
University life

Open all day long and into the night. Campus is excellent, but the staff are never anywhere to be found when you need them

NA not rated

Yes. The Uni residence is like a slum

NA not rated
Job prospects and careers service

I hope to get as far away from the place as possible. I am traumatised by it

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