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Forget the BS, UEL is the RS

Posted By Lucoz

University : University of East London
Course title : Journalism
Year of graduation : 2009

10 out of 10
Overall opinion

A very good experience - i'm working hard and because of that i'm getting excellent results, if i was lazier i reckon i wouldn't enjoy it so much. You know what they say - work hard, play hard, thats a pretty good way to approach UEL (But don't work or plar tooo hard)

10 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

I like the course, the lecturers are tuned in to what is going on in the journalism world, most of them have real work experience which gives me more respect for them. They generally have the ability to teach very well, something that should not be taken for granted.

10 out of 10
University facilities

I have never wanted for anything here at UEL: loads of computers; well stocked library; use of equipments like cameras, video-recorders, and sound recorders - as well as specialised Mac-Labs and a radio studio.

10 out of 10
Student union

There often gigs and small events, and three or four times a year there are big do's like the summer ball, freshers ball, Mayfest. The bars are always well stocked as well lol

10 out of 10
University societies and clubs

Wow, there are so many different groups, some mainstream and some really really odd - something to suit everyones taste, and if you can't find one you like they'll actually help you to set up your own group.

10 out of 10
University life

From early in the morning till about five or six the uni is a hive of hard working students, then between five and six the focus begins to shift to the SU bar. If you fancy something a bit posher your only 30minutes from London city centre and if you're off the booze altogether then clubs and societies have their own activities or you can have a jog around the docks.

9 out of 10

A little bit pricey because it's so close to the city, but it looks dead posh. Plenty of funky looking modern architecture - it looks pretty nice and it well kitted out inside.

10 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

If i want to do n MA when after my degree, my degree in Journalism can lead into a half a dozen different MA options. I reckon i might work though, i've just finished second year now and i already have some work on in the industry, so it's been easy for me to waltz right into a proper job.

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