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Middlesex University

Middlesex aims to be a global University. Based in North London, Middlesex recruits widely across the world and works in partnership to deliver outstanding higher education in many countries. Our internationalism is key to our future ambition as North London's university of choice. Since 2000 we have been engaged in a campus redevelopment programme which has seen significant improvements on our growth campuses and a reduction in the number of our campuses. In 2006 the University announced that the majority of its London activities would gradually be based at its Hendon Campus.

Latest Middlesex University Reviews

Impressive so far
I love it atm! It's really good! I have made loads of friends! The experience is definitely worth going to uni for, cos u meet so many different people, and get a degree at the end of it, under your belt! I don't really think anything needs improving atm. I think the best advice I said was in my first paragraph in the first box. Just make sure the place seems right for you. Be prepared to make friends, don't be shy. Be ready to learn and definitely be ready to put the hours and work in cos u have to be cimmitted to a university degree or it's not worth doing 1. And also be prepared to enjoy yourself as well of course! And be yourself! Hope I've help persuade u!! =D - read more...

A let down....
The Bounds green campus, now a block of new flats :), was at best OK. The course had good modules but were not presented well and no future path post uni. - read more...

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