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Quite Good

Posted By Sam2008

University : Brunel University
Course title : BSc Financial Computing
Year of graduation : 2008

9 out of 10
Overall opinion

Didn't rlly enjoy my course at first because it wasn't what i was expecting but over the years it hasn't been too bad. My course involves quite a bit of programming which I didn't rlly like but the economic modules are vry good. Overall Iv enjoyed my time at uni and am sad that it's coming to an end. I would say enjoy it as much as u can coz time goes rlly fast and u don't want to look back and regret not doing anything much. A piece of advice is that research the course that u want to do thoroughly and go to open days cos if u get stuck in a course that u don't rlly like, it may b hard to switch and u won't work as hard, ther4 ur time at uni wld be wasted. Also get rlly involved in the societies and events around campus-ul make a lot of friends and will enjoy ur time at uni more. Lastly, Have fun but make sure u work hard too!!

8 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

It's quite a good course and is very commercial, i.e very attractive to employers. The lecture modules are varied, from maths, economics and quite a bit of programming. Basically u get all the main modules from each subject. Hours of lectures are ok, i suppose. It's quite varied dependant on what subject ur studying but so far I have had 1-2 full day off every year and the days that I go in are not too long, eg have only 3-4 hour lectures. Lecturers are helpful if they know that you are committed to the module. If they haven't seen u around in lectures or labs all year round and u go and ask them for help last minute b4 u give ur assignments in-then tough, coz u won't get help. basically they'r very good unless ur wasters!!! Advice-go to your labs and seminars and ALWAYS ask if ur unsure-best now than WAYYY later down the line when they expect u to know it properly.

9 out of 10
University facilities

Library is very good. Have different sections dependant on what ur library needs are. I.e have a study area where talking is allowed and have other areas where ut's complete silent study. Lots of computers especially now that they have recently added more computer areas. Great sports facilities. Have just recently built a new sports centre.

8 out of 10
Student union

Quite active-there's always an event to go to.

9 out of 10
University societies and clubs

Has lots of clubs and societies. Practically every club there is to match every interest. E.g Dance club, Hindu socity, Pakistani Society, Rugby club, etc

8 out of 10
University life

No comment

9 out of 10

Didn't actually stay in accomadation but had friends who did. It was good when i came here for my first year but last year a lot of construction was done and a lot more accomodation halls have been built which are very modern and attractive. Very nice to live in- like mini flats!

9 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

The jobs and placements careers advisors here are brilliant. There is a lot of help given when finding a part time job and/or placement. Basically if u r pro-active, with the support of these advisors, ur bound to get a placement. I would definitely recommend getting a placement as it rlly helps to have some experience before you graduate. Being a Brunel student rlly gives u a head start as a lot of good employers want Brunel students to work for them, no matter what degree you have!!

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