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Birkbeck, University of London

A unique university for London, combining world-class research with excellence in full-time and part-time teaching.

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Lost exams, wrong degree certificate issued and thats not all
I didn’t enjoy university, as if doing a degree in evening classes isn’t hard enough I had a constant struggle trying to sort of Birkbecks mistakes. I am dyslexia and I have always had someone in my exams to help me read the question if I cannot read them my self, to get this I had to take a test that cost around £350 pounds to asses my dyslexia. The results proved I required a reader (which I believe is a legal requirement) Never once in the 5 years of being at Birkbeck did I ever get one. These were the first exams I had ever done like this. Thanks Birkbeck you would have thought they would refund the cost of the test then. My results for my final year said that I had failed because I didn’t turn up to all my exams when I did. After much discussion Birkbeck went through all the registered for my exams and conferment I did attend them all. They searched for my exams but couldn’t find them, they awarded me the same mark for my exam as I got I’m my coursework. A month or two later my certificate turned up and it was for a different course one I had not taken. I phoned them up to ask for the correct one as was told it will be sent out right away and I must destroy the incorrect one, so I shredded it. Months passes with no new certificate so rang them up again and was told as the certificate has been destroyed I will need to fill out some forms, get a solicitor to sign the forms and then post them back to Birkbeck (this cost money with the solicitor), as now I a waiting for the forms that so far have taken over a month to post. Stay well clear of this university, I don’t know how they got such a good reputation. I expect I will never get my certificate but I have to keep trying. - read more...

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