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Posted By chicago7

University : American InterContinental University London
Course title : Fashion Design Program in FULL!
Year of graduation : 2009

1 out of 10
Overall opinion

AIU lost a lot of its accredition with the University system because of lack of focus and organization. It's really a MESS of a university.

1 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

This school is really pathetic! I consider myself a intellectual guy and went to this school for three years. Always got yanked around by the finance department and the program dean. Your courses always change and they always seem to add courses that you need to take. I had a health scare that brought me back to the US, and they weren't willing to work out some sort of deal. I mean, I have a friend that something similar happened to her at Stanford and Stanford officials allowed her to write a dissertation to graduate and she had 50 hours left. There are a couple of professors that are pretty good, like Michael Azu and Dahran Davey. Other than that though, it is a bunch of housewives teaching you how to sew and work in fashion. When most of them don't know how to dress themselves. The university is a waste of money and really I believe it is a professional SCAM! I'm currently pressing charges against the university and filing multiple lawsuits. The administration is extremely lazy and quite frankly, not intelligent! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!

1 out of 10
University facilities

The library is a joke!! Really quite pathetic. .

1 out of 10
Student union

They are just trying to get a student union up and running. . .

2 out of 10
University societies and clubs

no clubs, but some good kids there.

5 out of 10
University life

London is a fantastic city! Really amazing!! The university will really bring your experience of London down!!

NA not rated

overpriced for what you get. . .AIU London just reaches for your money and they won't care about you.

2 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

I thought pursuing another degree would be rewarding, but it was a waste of time and a lot of money.

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