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Great life at Essex

Posted By ahidal

University : University of Essex
Course title : BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Year of graduation : 2013

10 out of 10
Overall opinion

Essex is great. I've got really good friends, and although academically my first year was not very stimulating (hardly any work!), this year I'm finding it really interesting. It offers a great, independent, enjoyable life.

9 out of 10
Quality of course and lecturers

Lecturers and teachers are really good, especially in Politics and in Philosophy. They are helpful, accessible, intelligent and dedicated.

8 out of 10
University facilities

Every student goes to the library several times a week, it has great facilities and is one of the most frequented spots on campus.

10 out of 10
Student union

You can literally go out every single night if you want to; the Student Union seem to be everywhere and are quite helpful too. They're always organising things for students and they have many venues on campus.

NA not rated
University societies and clubs

There's a huge number of clubs and societies; nationalities, sports, interests... I joined the Tennis Club and Spanish Society. I highly recommend joining one as the people you'll meet in them will probably become some of your closest friends.

6 out of 10
University life

Colchester is not the nicest town to be honest, but it's got everything you need and plenty of entertainment. Personally I hardly ever go this year because everything you need is on campus and surroundings anyway! It's well connected and you can get there in 10 minutes by bus, and there's lots of nightlife if it's in your taste.

8 out of 10

Uni accomodation is quite good, the people you live with in your first year will probably be your best friends throughout your course. Towers can get messy so if you're fussy do choose an en-suite accomodation, even if they were really a lot of fun and are very sociable.

10 out of 10
Job prospects and careers service

Essex is amazingly helpful with graduate opportunities and student job; if you want a job, you can get one. It's good pay too. The uni also helps you find a job three years after graduating for free. It's really good in that respect. And there are many MA courses available too, but I have not yet decided what to do myself!

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